How To Do More Good With Your Furniture Purchase

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How To Do More Good With Your Furniture Purchase

17 July 2020
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Buying furniture is obviously something you primarily do for your own good and maybe for the good of your family and others who you live with. However, that does not mean you can't do good for others with your furniture purchase, too. Here are some ways to ensure that when you do buy a couch, a table, or a nightstand, others benefit as well as yourself.

1. Buy from a local business.

One way to help others with your furniture purchase is to buy from a smaller, local furniture store rather than from a big, international retailer. When you buy from a small business, more of your money goes directly into the pockets of the owners and their employees. They use this money to support themselves and feed their families. When buying from a small business, you are helping them to stay open and available.

2. Look for furniture made from natural materials.

Rather than buying a piece of furniture made with nylon, plastic, or other synthetic materials, look for one made mostly from natural materials. Cork, wood, and cotton are all good choices. How does buying these materials benefit others? Well, buying natural materials is better for the planet. It releases fewer toxins into the atmosphere, and it generates less pollution. That's good for everyone on the planet, as it helps ensure cleaner air and a healthier environment.

3. Hire the furniture store to deliver your furniture.

Even if you could pick up the furniture yourself, it is beneficial to others to hire the furniture store to deliver it. This way, you are helping to keep people — the delivery people — employed. If they do a good job, make sure you leave them a tip, which will further help them out. Plus, you don't have to worry about lifting heavy furniture or squeezing it through the doorway; you can leave that to the pros.

4. Look for furniture stores that donate to worthy causes.

Do a little research before you buy from a particular furniture store. There are plenty of furniture stores that donate to helpful humanitarian causes that do things like feed the hungry and house the homeless. If you buy from a store like this, some of your money will go towards supporting these causes.

If you keep the tips above in mind, your furniture purchase will do more good for other people on the planet, not just for you.

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